Leylek Industrial Type Oscilatory Ventilators

» 600 mm VENTİLATORS HAS 11.100 m3/h AIRFLOW, 750 mm VENTILATORS HAS 17.400 m3/h AIR FLOW.
» Body of our ventilators are made of 2 mm metal wire.
» Impellers are made of plastic and dynamically balanced
» The feet pipes are made of 1 mm metal pipe and painted with electrostatic powder paint against corrosion.
» The windings of motor are made of %100 copper.
» Speed can be set with switch located on the motor.
» In stand fans there are steel bases.600 mm stand fan has 605 mm 6,5 kg steel base. 750 mm stand fan has 635 mm 7,5 kg steel base.
» Our ventilators can turn right and left automatically with oscilation system.
» Insulation : class B
» Protection : IP 44

Application areas : Ventilatos are suitable for use in workshop of textile,hotels,night clubs etc. ventilating of various industrial fields.