Low Pressure, Square Body Centrifugal Fans

» Has air flow between 1.500 m³/h and 12.000 m³/h. Can be manufactured with different air volume and pressure according to the usage purpose.
» Casing and impeller are made from DKP sheet metal and protected from corrosion by cellulose paint.
» The propellers of our industrial fans could be manufactured optionally as rare alated and closely alated depending on the type of utilization.
» In the fans, directly coupled motors with the brands of GAMAK, VOLT, WATT are used.
» As an option, a speed control device can be used to adjust the air flow and pressure.
» Insulation : class B
» Protection : IP 44

Application Areas: fans are suitable for use the circulation of the clean air free of dust, the fans with rare alated propellers are for the circulation of the air with oiled, viscous and less dusty.