Devekuşu Industrial Type Classic Ventilators

» Has air flow 4750 m3/h
» body of our ventilators are made of DKP sheet metal and protected against corrosion by electrostatic powder paint.
» The rear and front protection cages of the bodys of our fans have been manufactured from ABS Plastic material.
» The feets of our ventilators are made of metal pipe and protected by electrostatic powder paint against corrosion.
» Impellers of our ventilators are made of galvanized sheet metal.
» The bodys of our ventilators can be tilted manually to back and forth, and to right and left side around its axis. Our ventilators also have the property of extractors. There is the possibility of adjustment of the motor speed between 10 and 1400 by means of the potentiometer. As it could be seen from the figure the ventilator could suck the air from back and sides obliquely without having to swivel of the casing and discharges it to the area in the same manner.
» In the model of Ahtapot, it has the property of moving up and down by the spring and nut located inside of the pipe device.
» Insulation : class B
» Protection : IP 44

Application areas : Ventilatos are suitable for use in workshop of textile,hotels,night clubs etc. ventilating of various industrial fi elds