Kelebek Industrial Type Lux Ventilators

» Has air flow 5100 m3/h
» body of our ventilators are made of bar is made of wire and protected against corrosion by electrostatic powder paint.
» The rear and front protection cages of the bodys of our fans have been manufactured from ABS Plastic material.
» The feets of our ventilators are made of metal pipe and protected by electrostatic powder paint against corrosion.
» Impellers of our ventilators are made of galvanized sheet metal.
» Our ventilators can turn right and left automatically with oscilation system.
» In the model of flamingo, it has the property of moving up and down by the spring and nut located inside of the pipe device.
» Insulation : class B
» Protection : IP 44

Application areas : Ventilatos are suitable for use in workshop of textile,hotels,night clubs etc. ventilating of various industrial fi elds